NICE RACK (1) | Single Modular Board Rack (holds one board)

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The Nice Rack modular sports equipment rack is simple and easy to install. Protective foam adhesive tape covers both the wall mount and supporting arm to protect your equipment from scratches and dings. The modular connection allows you to add additional racks to your existing rack system in a 'snap'. Top and bottom wall mount end caps complete the installation and give the Nice Rack a finished look. Made in America from 100% recycled ABS plastic.






Note: For use with lightweight boards only.

U.S. Pat. No. 7,213,713 B2

Perfect for your surfboard, snowboard, wakeboard, skis, skateboard, or other board weighing less than 25 pounds! Surfboards less than 7 feet in length are generally under 25 lbs.

      • NICE RACK brand
      • The Single comes with two bases, two arms, two sets of end caps, and mounting hardware
      • Best value surfboard, snowboard, wakeboard, ski, and skateboard rack
      • Expandable system, attach more racks at any time to expand

    Intended for use with lightweight boards only (under 25 lbs). Do not store in board bag and place on rack. Be reasonable, these are inexpensive VALUE racks, if you need premium sturdy racks please check out:

    NICE RACK | Surfboard Angled Wall Rack (surfboards up to 8 feet);

    NICE RACK | Standup Paddle & Longboard Angled Wall Rack (SUP or Longboard); or

    NICE RACK | Horizontal Wall Rack (all boards).