It's really real, for real though.

It's really real, for real though.

October 27, 2018

By now you may know that southern California intellectual property attorney, Joshua Schoonover, has filed trademark applications to register the marks FORUM, FOURSQUARE, and SPECIAL BLEND.

Schoonover has licensed the rights to these marks to Reeflection Brands.

You may be confused and asking yourself, doesn't The Burton Corporation own these marks? Well, no! They abandoned them in or around 2012, and by doing so they opened the door for anyone to register these marks (didn't you see the press release?). However, Schoonover was first and has secured priority with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Burton has challenged Schoonover's claim to FORUM in a trademark trial that is now pending, but honestly the trial is probably nothing more than a formality. I suppose we will see, in due time.

To our friends and customers, we understand that the relaunch of FORUM, FOURSQUARE and SPECIAL BLEND may bring some controversy and buzz in the industry, and while most individuals are stoked and overwhelmingly supportive and positive -there are a few in the industry that want to keep snowboarding in the hands of the greedy corporate giants. It's a niche market, and a few think they own it entirely; they don't want anyone else to play in the sandbox. The establishment feels threatened that we may take their market share. No doubt there will be corporate trolls and Burton groupies spreading hate. However, remember who terminated the contracts of riders, laid off employees, and who unilaterally killed these iconic brands (or so they thought) in order to achieve their self-serving objectives.

This is a story of an underdog, a humble patron of the slopes, a regular guy, who had an edge and saw an opportunity to bring back the brands he loved as a grom; and who is not afraid to take on the industry giant.

For several years, we have been unable to access apparel, outerwear and hard goods bearing our favorite marks. Instead, they have tried to cram Burton brand down our throats like Foie Gras (Google it)! Shame on them!

We aim to provide access to goods which bear these iconic marks, in part for reasons of nostalgia, in part to keep the story alive for future generations, in part to promote the legacy of these brands and the key players who we grew up watching and emulating, and in another part to energize a dying industry and to get people back on the mountain and supporting small businesses who depend on winter snow-sports for sustenance.

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown." We realize that if we are successful in perfecting exclusive rights to FORUM, we will have a substantial burden to make sure this is done right, and we look forward to that opportunity. On that note, while we cannot disclose much at this time, we have close ties with an original member of the Forum 8, who is actively advising us, is heavily involved and going to help us do this right. Rest assured. We don't expect to bring back the original team, but we will have at least one of the Forum 8 bringing up the next generation of FORUM riders.

To all who were let-go by Burton when they killed the Program, please reach out! Let's do this together.

To all loyal followers, we can't do it without your support.

To those who don't know: "this is really real, for real". :P

-Reeflection Brands